Qatip Osmani started the preparatory phase

The new chief of technical staff has started work with the “red-and-black” team, while in the media conference he unveiled the ambitions and preparatory plan for the succeeding period. “Qato” in the first statement for the media stated that he was happy to return to the club where he achieved the greatest successes as a player and coach.

Shkëndija  starts today with the summer preparations before its participation in the Europa League qualifiers, while new coach, Qatip Osmani, spoke before the first media gathering. Confirmed a few days ago as the new manager of the red and black squad, the legend of Shkendija, in his first statement, after his return to the squad, has not hidden the pleasure of becoming part of the club where he achieved the greatest successes as a player and a coach.

“I am very happy to return to the club where I spent my career as a footballer, then as a coach. I thank the club, the Destani family who entrusted me to lead a club like Shkendija, “said Qatip Osmani, who announced that his tendency would for Shkendija to produce beautiful football through which success will be sought, while searching for quality, in the club’s composition there will always be room for talents from the “red-and-blacks” own school.

“Certainly, with my coming to the club, changes and better results are expected and we will work in that direction. We will try to gradually raise the level of play and hope to reach the wanted goal. If we work according to the plan, I believe that the results will be self-evident, “added Osmani.

After the press conference, coach Osmani organized the first meeting with the players, marking the start of the preparations. In the first few days the team will perform the necessary medical and physical tests, and on June 10 the team will travel to Slovenia’s Moravske Toplice, where it will carry out the main phase of preparations, during which the development of three control matches is planned as a preparation for the challenges that await the club in the Europa League qualifiers. ​

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