Alimi: We aim for the title, even Europe wouldnt be bad

Using winter break and the lack of activities, we have taken the opportunity to make a short interview with Shkëndija’s midfielder from Kumanovo Armend Alimi. He talks about his impressions from the first 6 months at Shkëndija, the way that he was expected and the team achievements in this period. Alimi is optimistic and continues to believe that Shkëndija can grab the title, despite the stagnation of 8 points behind Vardar, but adds that the emergence in Europe can be counted as a success for the team.

Shkëndija: Armend, what is your comment on these first six months at Shkëndija ?Have you implemented the plans, or it could have been better?
Armend Alimi: I can say that the first 6 months did not turned out as we had planned from the beginning. I think we did not show continuity as regards to the results. We had good moments, but also bad. However we could have done much better in this half season.

Shkëndija: In personal terms, do you think that you gave your best, or can do more?
Armend Alimi: In personal terms I think it was not that bad if you consider that i joined the team later in preparations. So I say that there is room for improvement and my best appearances I believe will come in the spring season.

Shkëndija: What about the reception in the team and by the friends, leadership and public are you satisfied? In general, the organization that Shkëndija has, that really is different from other clubs in Macedonia?
Armend Alimi: I’m very well received by all, starting from teammates, coaches, leadership, especially what surprised me for good, and that gave me even greater motivation the fans at the top with ‘Ballistët’. I think this club with such fans deserves great joys and many titles. Also organizing everything from the club was perfect and that is no different from many major European clubs.

Shkëndija: Do you think the Shkëndija is out of the title race, or with reinforced targets and qualitative preparations 8 points are not much to be achieved?
Armend Alimi: Not at all! 8 points are achievable, given the fact that it is only half of the championship and we have also 2 direct match with Vardar or Rabotnicki. It will not be easy, but I think that with some qualitative changes can achieve our goal.

Shkëndija: Even if there is no title, the objective remains the emergence in Europe. Do you think the team should be targeting at least go a step beyond the past and attempt to pass a round in Europe?
Armend Alimi: Of course, with the organization that has our club and investments that are made its normal that should be attempted as many rounds to pass in Europe.

Shkëndija: We are at the end of 2014, it is not a holiday of the Muslims, but certainly opens a new chapter and this shift of years is the opportunity to fill the batteries and start something new. In this case we would have loved to hear your desires and ambitions for next year?
Armend Alimi: Our ambitions for next year are known, and they are to finally be declared champions. However, even if this is achieved, I think output in Europe will be a success, and with God’s willingness also we appear at our best. My desire is to not have injuries, and with God’s willingness to be happy year, a good year for us and that is more important to be a healthy year. “Above all, Shkëndija.


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