‘Red and black’ win ‘the whites’

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Vëllazrimi’s cancellation friendly with Gjakova, the team of Shkëndija has compensated by developing a controller meeting between them selves, dividing the teams in ‘red and black’ and ‘white’. After a little more than 70 minutes of play, the winner turned team ‘Shkëndija ‘ who won 2: 1. Even at such conditions it has raised interest in the fans of Tetovo, that appears are eager for football and a significant number had filled the southern tribune City stadium in Tetovo. By decision of the technical staff and due to the continuous precipitation of rain and difficult terrain for the game, it was decided that the first lasted 45 minutes, and the second only 30th. Two teams in the field played a good game, the commitment on both sides did not fail, and also the players had to take care not to come to any harm unwanted (In the White Team was anticipated the game to start striker Kirovski, but was injured during training session and in his place entered the Bashkim Lama). The team of the”whites” who were mainly composed by younger player, showed greater desire to play and win, and the team ‘red and black’ was clear in front of goal threats. And in the 29th minute came the goal of the author Bojan Vruçina after a good action by Zhuniorit and Idrissou. Shortly before the break, the Cameroonian striker, Mohamadou Idrissou in the area used a mes and scored for 2:0, but managed to put on the scoring list in the fourth controlling match in a row. At the beginning of the second half a good action directed by Brazilian Juffo while beautiful conclusion brings Imeri that softens the score 2: 1. In the following both teams had their chances, with young Ersin Fetahi that could score the third goal for the ‘red and black’, but had no luck to touch the net of the Kandikijan. In the end this controlling match ended up with victory of the ‘red and black’. So the technical staff managed somehow to compensate for the cancellation of the planned friendly while meeting ends with a series of control and now matches the team has six days to make the last adjustments before the first spring brake duel with Teteks in Tetovo.

Shkëndija (red and black) – Shkëndija (white) 2: 1 (2: 0)

City Stadium in Tetovo

Spectators: 1,000

Referee: Furkan Idris

Side referees: Nasuf Latifi and Habil Livoreka

Scorers: Vruçina 29 ‘Idrissou 43’ (spark (red and black)), and Immer 46 ‘(spark (white))

Yellow card: Useini (Shkëndija (red and black))

Red Card: /

Shkëndija(red and black): Jovanovski, Todorovski, Miliev, Vukcevic, Ashkovski (Totre 60 ‘), Useini, Pollozhani Demiri, Junior (Fetahi 55’), Vruçina, Idrissou.

Shkëndija(white): Kandikijan, Murad, Adil (Taipi 33), Berisha, Abdulla Salman, Bojku, Juffo, Imeri, Mitrov, Lama.


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