Information | Online purchased tickets for Shkëndija vs AC Milan

With regards to the upcoming football match between KF Skendija and AC Milan, we inform you that the vouchers you have already bought online will be used as entry tickets. For that reason, it is mandatory that the vouchers you have previously received at your e-mail address as PDF document to be printed, as they will be scanned upon entrance. Please make sure that the barcodes on the printed vouchers are clearly visible and undamaged.

IMPORTANT NOTICE: It is the responsibility of the voucher holder to keep it for himself and not to allow creation of any additional copies which may put in risk his own entrance. Once the barcode on the voucher is scanned upon entrance, the vouchers will not be usable for any other person or usage. Presenting a voucher on a smartphone or any other electronic device is not available. Therefore, it is necessary the voucher to be neatly PRINTED and readable.

In order to avoid unnecessary long queues upon entrance, we kindly ask you to arrive at the stadium early enough before the beginning of the match. The gates will be opened three hours before the match.

In case you had bought vouchers online but did not receive them at your e-mail address, or you entered a wrong e-mail address or you deleted the message by mistake, please send us a request on no later than Wednesday, September 23rd 2017 in order the vouchers to be resend. In your request, please make sure you leave the same information that you entered upon the online purchase of the vouchers, so we can find you in our database.

We would like to inform you that there are few unsold tickets left at the moment which can be bought at the following selling points:

  • KF Shkëndija FANSHOP, Tetovë
  • Monaco Tobacco, Tetovë
  • Vona Pet, Gostivar

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